Site Officiel du Dr. Hassan Rahmouni
Cours de Droit
"Building Bridges Between Government and Civil Society in Prevention of Violent Extremism". Gammarth, November 13th to 14th, 2016 (Photos)
"Strategic Review Workshop: The Radical Threat in North Africa". Tunis, September 6th to 9th, 2016 (Photos)
Combating Terrorism: Dealing with Radicalized Returnees, Carthage, August 18-22, 2015 (Photos)
Tackling the Hard Regional Security Issues in the Maghreb and Sahel - sous l'égide du "European Institute of the Mediterranean" (IEMed), Barcelona, July/August 2015. (Photos)
“The Geo-Strategic Dimension of the Recent Developments in the Maghrebi Neighborhood”, May 2015. [Arabic], [French], [English], presented at the conference on “The Maghreb and its Environing Countries” organized in Tunis by the Tunis Center of the “League of Arab Countries” and “The Afro-Arab Foundation for Studies and Strategic Research”

Harvard: Between Michael Ignatieff (Canada) & Rogaia Abusharaf (Sudan)

This website was initially created for the students in the School of Law of Hassan II University in Mohammedia, Morocco. It has later been extended to the students of the English department of the Ben Msik School of Humanities of the same university as well as to students in various academic institutions overseas. It mainly supplies these students with the course of Public Law. Several publications of the professor are also included. They are in french and in english. Everyone is welcome to consult them and to use them as freely as he (or she) prefers.